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V-Cube / V-Sphere Puzzle


V-Sphere is an official Winner in the UK independent toy awards - in a year which saw a host of fantastic entrants we are incredibly proud to see the V-Sphere™ gain even more recognition in the puzzle and toy community. Appropriate for every age, tactile, engaging and most importantly – endless fun! We've even got one in the office.

The V-Sphere is a very fun, high quality slide puzzle. It consists of 8 brightly coloured sections surrounded by matching coloured tiles. Scramble, slide and solve. Each tile slides around - scramble them up and slide them back to their original spots. This ingenious puzzle will appeal to game fans of all ages - from younger children, right up to master puzzle solvers. Great fun and extremely addictive. The V-Sphere is a very high quality product made to last and be enjoyed for years. Supplied with a neat stand to display your Sphere - made in the EU to a very high standard. The V-Sphere™ continues to build a quality reputation amongst retailers and players alike.