Circus Skills

Under our Big Top, you'll find nothing but the best quality Circus equipment. We pride ourselves on only teaching with high-end end Circus toys, which we would only use ourselves whilst performing. We've got everything covered in the Juggling, Spinning and Balancing categories!


Festival Circus Skills

Circus skills is a popular attraction at many festivals, fates and community events. Along with running structured workshops for schools and clubs Creative Palaver can hold drop in sessions at your event. We bring along a full sized professional gazebo, juggling balls, clubs and rings. Poi, Devil stick, Diabolo, Spinning plates, Hoola Hoops and various balance props. 

We also have various additional extras to help you make your even even more memorable. 

  • Slack line (Tightrope) 

  • Uni-cycle's 

  • Face Painter

During the event we manage the use of the equipment and offer help and tips to the participants to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the experience. 

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Workshops for

Schools & Clubs

Creative Palaver are highly experienced in delivering circus workshops for schools and clubs. This work has has been extremely popular in the UK and throughout Europe.


We offer four packages however we can adapt as necessary to suit your needs.   

1. Two Hour Circus Skills Workshop 

The two hour circus skills workshop is designed to introduce a variety of circus skills and is great for something quick, snappy and engaging.

2. Half Day Workshop

The half day workshop is a more intensive opportunity to learn new skills. The participants will have the opportunity to learn juggling, diabolo, spinning plate and hula hoop.    

3. Full Day Workshop 

The full day workshop is one of our most popular options. Throughout the day the students will learn various circus skills along with various life skills. Towards the end of the day the participants will have the opportunity to show off their new skills in a short performance.   

4. The Ultimate Circus Project 3-4 Days 

The most popular option which has been a success throughout the UK and Europe. This is most suitable for schools or clubs. The students will gain the opportunity to have expert tuition in various circus disciplines from one of our professional teachers. The project focuses on the idea of communication, corporation and collaboration and how the participants can use these skills to succeed throughout the project and life. The students will devise a show case which can be shown to their peers or to their families at the end of the project.  

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Other Events

Over the years we have worked with many companies and individuals for public and private bookings. 


Circus skills is a great addition to make any event more memorable. Below is a list of some of the types of events we have worked at in the past: 

  • Weddings 

  • Festivals 

  • Product launches 

  • Seasonal events such as bonfire celebrations and Christmas light switch on 

  • Schools 

  • After school clubs 

  • summer camps 

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Music Festivals 

  • Pride parade  

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Equipment & Skills

 We have an enormous amount of equipment which allows us to offer a devise range of skills at any event. Blow is the list of standard equipment we bring to any event along with some optional extras. 



A large red and white professional gazebo (3x6 meters )  This makes a real attraction at any event. 


Circus Equipment 

  • Juggling Balls, Scarves, Clubs and Rings 

  • Spinning Plates 

  • Diabolo 

  • Devil Stick's 

  • Bean Bags

  • Poi

  • Stilts 

  • Rolla Bolla

  • Fun wheels  

Additional Extras 

  • Slack line 

  • Multiple Fun Bikes and Uni-cycle's 








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